The 10 Best Wings in Hawaii!

Wings, beer and sports go hand in hand, and even in beautiful Hawaii, you may get a craving for this most beloved pub fare. Not limited to your traditional Buffalo style wings, Hawaiians let Japanese, Korean and Vietnamese flavors influence the wings, resulting in some inventive and flavorful combinations. From stuffed, to baked, to double deep fried, you’ll find your fix among the best wing joints in Hawaii. 

1. Dirty Lickin’s Chicken, Aiea, HI

Dirty Lickin’s wings stay crispy even when coated in sauce—a major plus in our checklist of chicken wing must-haves. The blue cheese dipping sauce is non-negotiable, but there are many homemade sauces to choose from, ranging from sweet (teriyaki, garlic parmesan) to spicy (volcano).

2. Vons Chicken, Honolulu, HI

This Korean chicken spot specializes in wings, which you can order in a variety of flavors. The fried chicken is made to order and super crispy, but you can also order a more Buffalo wet coated-style of wings. The Palama market location is also BYOB if you decide to dine in and enjoy some beer or wine with your wings. If you want to take your wings to go and skip the wait, call ahead and they will have your ready for you (they leave the to go containers open to avoid soggy fried chicken!).

3. Wings and Things by Serg, Honolulu, HI

A casual spot with outdoor seating next door to Serg’s Mexican restaurant, the wings here are a solid choice. The wings are huge (each “wing” is both drumstick and wing, they are not separated like most spots) and cooked to order, but folks say they are worth the wait. Try the roasted garlic wings, one of the most popular flavors, and you’ll be happy you did.

4. Just the Two of Us Chicken and Waffles, Kailua-Kona, HI

This husband and wife owned stand near Holualoa pumps out some of the best chicken, waffles and macaroni and cheese on the island. The breading on the fried wings is light and crispy and the red velvet waffles add a sweet component to the savory wings and creamy macaroni. You’ll also find slow cooked barbecue ribs, country gravy and corn bread if you really want to indulge your southern soul food craving. This is a must have if you are visiting the Kona side of the Big Island!

5. Hale Vietnam, Honolulu, HI

Named after a dish the owner had in Vietnam, this spot serves stuffed wings that are deboned and filled with ground beef, carrots and rice, then breaded in panko and fried. This process produces a huge wing that looks more like a chicken tender.  Typically, they are served with fish sauce, but you can also get their delicious peanut satay sauce to enjoy on the side.

6. The Pig and the Lady, Honolulu, HI

The Pig and the Lady is more upscale and inventive than your typical bar or chicken joint, but don’t be fooled, they do wings extremely well here too. Try the Laotian fried wings and you won’t be disappointed. They are twice fried and served with money sauce, peanut sauce, fried shallots, kaffir lime and an herb salad. Get even more indulgent with their roasted porchetta sandwich, with roasted pork belly, smoked onions, grilled peppers, house pickles and more.

7. J.J. Dolan’s, Honolulu, HI

J.J. Dolan’s is known for the ambiance and pizza menu, but take a look at their sides and you’ll find chicken wings, breaded and deep-fried and served with bleu cheese dressing.  Although there is no plethora of flavors and sauce choices here, the wings are always a big hit with patrons, who regularly praise their crisp factor and flavor.

8. Dollie’s Pub and Café, Lahaina, HI

Pizza and wings go hand in hand and Dollie’s is a favorite local spot with some of the best pizza on the island. They also serve wings, oven baked rather than fried, so lacking that breaded crunch that many enjoy with their wings, but full of flavor. You can choose our accompanying sauce, hot or nitro, or enjoy your wings naked.  This is a local sports bar with a great vibe, so come for the atmosphere and pizza and get an order of wings to share on the side.  

9. Murphy’s Bar and Grill, Honolulu, HI

An Irish bar and pub is exactly the type of place where you’d expect to find some great wings, and Murphy’s has some of the best in town.  Though not as rowdy and raucous as you would expect from an Irish pub, the vibe is pleasant and the beers are forthcoming. Spicy fried chicken wings are served with ranch dressing and are definitely a crowd favorite—many reviews describe them as the highlight of the meal.  Sit at the bar and order some wings and beers to share for a tasty snack.

10. Downbeat Diner and Lounge, Honolulu, HI

Think that vegan Buffalo wings are a contradiction in terms? Not at Downbeat Diner, a spot that takes a rare foray into the world of vegan wings. Customers rave about the taste and texture of these vegan Buffalo wings, also available as hot wings, served with ranch dressing. The wings have a good Buffalo flavor and are served with a chopstick in the center to mimic the texture of a chicken bone. A typical vegan wing preparation involves the use of seitan, which translates from Japanese into “made of proteins” and involves washing wheat flour dough with water until all starch granules have been removed. Ask Downbeat Diner how they prepare their vegan wings when you go in!

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