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StoneWave Skate Park

StoneWave Skate Park
28 Hana Highway

Drawing plans, seeking approval, applying for permits, moving earth, laying materials, pouring concrete...

Nalu Pohaku Stonewave Skatepark was designed by Blaze Anderson, a longtime staff member of the PYCC. Blaze consulted for years with top skate park designers and builders to perfect the design and construction of this park: Jim Barnum - SPECTRUM DESIGNS, Tim Payne - TEAM PAIN, Dave Duncan - WORLD CUP Skateboarding, and especially Rick Carje - RCMC, just to name a few. He worked closely with SPAUSA - Heidi Lemmon in the areas of design, safety, operations, and insurance issues.

Completing the skate park involved community collaboration at every level from PYCC staff, youth members, local government, and merchants.

Each year the Stonewave Skatepark builds on the dreams of its founders, celebrates with skaters from all around the world, and provides an arena for many community events.

StoneWave Skatepark has already established itself as a world class venue.

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