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Paradise Helicopters is a locally owned and operated company founded in Hawai‘i in 1997. Over our years of operations in the Hawaiian Islands, we have forged many special partnerships within the communities in which we operate. These relationships allow us to offer much more than lava, rainbows, and waterfalls–we leave you with an authentic piece of Hawai‘i–the unique culture and Aloha spirit that make the islands unlike any other destination in the world.


Michael Rea

Sunday, May 20, 2018
We flew doors off! Everyone has clear views. One person up front is it the middle but prob gets best views out front and under foot! We were there during the eruptions of May 2018 and saw so much lava! Matt our pilot mads sure each side had a fair share of viewing going around and around. Great staff. Great experience. Recommend 100%. If you're not a confident flyer doors off might be full on for first 10mins until you get used to it.

Kristen Meinke

Thursday, March 22, 2018
We did the Volcano Kohala Landing tour and it was not as advertised! We specifically chose this helicopter company because they advertise landing on the volcano "unlike any other air adventure" and all of the photos on their site insinuate that you will be closer to the active sites however you do not actually land on the volcano but you land on the plush jungle side near the ocean. On top of that, a couple that was also on the tour with us had their lunches packed for them specifically to picnic at the landing. We were unaware of the option of having our lunches packed at all (either through the company or that we could bring our own). When we landed, they had a nice picnic spread and we were just standing there, watching and waiting for them to finish. The pilot even said, "that's not for y'all"!! Furthermore, we paid extra for window seating but were not notified that they would be backwards! I DO NOT recommend this tour nor this tour company. Go with Blue Helicopters that cost less, has the same tour without the landing, have larger windows for viewing and have no riders that ride backwards! We used that company last time on a different island and we will continue to use Blue Helicopters in the future, NOT Paradise Copters!

Dank Scenez

Monday, March 5, 2018
Keith was our driver. Grateful to have had a couple hours with him. They are extremely helpful for first time flyers and make sure you're as comfortable as possible. Thanks so much. Recommend this above anything we've done in the last two weeks.

Andrew Benson

Wednesday, April 11, 2018
We didn't end up flying. The point of this review is to mention the excellent service and honesty of these guys. We tried to fly 3 times and were cancelled due to weather in all cases. The first time though they could've flown knowing full well the volcano wasn't visible but instead they gave us the option to reschedule/cancel or go on a modified tour. Also a warning to others: DON'T WAIT. If you want to do one of these tours start trying right when you get to the big Island. The weather changes rapidly and obviously the company can't control it nor will they fly if they think it's not safe. So it might take multiple tries to get off the ground.

Terry Damsky

Monday, Feb. 5, 2018
First of all, the “Volcano Kohala Landing” is a scam. There is no volcano landing. When we complained about it after landing, the owner said, “Oh yea, we talked about changing that wording”. Not only was the tour not what printed material promised, but they landed the helicopter to feed two passengers, and NOT my family of four. They never offered that option to us. To that end, the response was, “oh, that was arranged by a hotel and not through us.” Really? I have taken several other Helicopter rides, and not only was the trip a total scam, the pilot was obviously young and inexperienced. He couldn’t keep the tail strait the whole trip. DO NOT take this tour operator!

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