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Pan-Pacific Festival

2270 Kalakaua Avenue Suite 1400


The State of Hawaii and the city of Honolulu supports the Pan-Pacific Festival and its mission to promote international friendship and understanding through the sharing of cultures. Hawaii’s broad international tourism appeal and its multi-ethnic resident population make it the perfect location for this festival which features an eclectic assortment of cultural arts, crafts, food and stage performances in a variety of settings in and around Waikiki throughout the weekend.

The Pan-Pacific Festival achieves its mission by:

- Planning and staging an assortment of high profile events located in and around Waikiki. Through viewing of or participation in such events, people can appreciate and begin to understand other cultures and hopefully create connections and friendships with other they may have not crossed paths with otherwise.

- Recruiting “grass roots” cultural organizations, locally and abroad for Festival event participation and encouraging them to include an educational aspect for the public.

- Promoting event attendance through marketing campaigns abroad, locally to residents, and Waikiki to visitors.

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