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Kahua Ranch Limited

59-564 Kohala Mountain Rd

Kahua Ranch Ltd is on the old Hawaiian ahupua’a of Kahua. This was the pie shaped piece of land that went from the mountain to the sea. Legends of Kahua have Kamehameha I training his armies that would then go on to conquer all of the islands. A little known fact is that Kahua was an R&R site for the military during World War II. A place for military to get away and recover from what they were exposed to in the Pacific Theater.

In 1928 Kahua Ranch was purchased from the Woods family by Atherton Richards and Ronald von Holt, two men looking for a new venture. Kahua Ranch today looks slightly different than it did in 1928. In the mid 1980’s the IRS stated that a single business must have a single corporate structure and the families decided to split the ranch to become Kahua Ranch Ltd and Ponoholo Ranch Ltd. Both ranches still work together in operations as well as joint ventures.

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