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Hawaii Army Museum Society

Hawaii Army Museum Society
2161 Kalia Road

Mission and Purpose

The Society provides community leadership and financial support for the preservation of military history and the education of the public at large on the honor, valor and sacrifice of America's fighting men and women in the defense of freedom. The paramount goal of the Society is to enlighten today's children as well as adults on the lessons of the role the military has played in the Pacific to ensure the survival of democracy and the American way of life. The Society views its role as a key to producing future generations of Americans who will embody the values and spirit of those who have paved the way for the freedoms we enjoy today.

Over $1 million has been raised by the Society in private contributions to develop displays and exhibits. Additionally, the Society operates a Museum Store, in which it sells military-related merchandise. It conducts a wide variety of community-based fund raising events for the benefit of the Museum. It also creates public awareness of the importance of military history in the development of Hawai'i and the security of our country through the production of video tape vignettes for use on commercial television, schools, and veterans organizations.

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