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Dolphin Quest

Dolphin Quest
425 Waikoloa Beach Drive

Our Mission:
To touch hearts and minds through fun, innovative experiences that create a connection to nature and a passion to learn more.

Dolphin Quest opened in 1988, creating a place where people and dolphins could share the wonder of close personal interaction. Today, Dolphin Quest is an international organization devoted to public education and to the conservation of marine wildlife. We are widely known for our creative approach to dolphin-human interactive programs, education, commitment to ocean wildlife research, exemplary animal health care and successful breeding programs. Our innovative encounter programs promote a spirit of connection to the marvels of the oceans.

Dolphin Quest has attracted talented individuals from all around the globe to be part of our unique organization. Our team includes some of the world's finest dolphin behaviorists, trainers, veterinarians and guest service staff. Working together, we provide nurturing environments, quality health care, and state-of-the-art husbandry practices for the dolphins, while our guest services strive to offer the best customer attention in the world. ¨ ¨

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