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BOB's Hawaii Adventure

1860 Ala Moana Boulevard, Suite 414

The statement 'The beauty under the sea is a beauty untouchable’ is no longer true.  The traditional diving requires uncomfortable regulator, weights, and a whole lot more equipment, let alone the training, which made underwater adventure limited to a select few. The introduction of BOB – Breathing Observation Bubble -- has opened up this mysterious beauty to many.

‘How can this happen?’ you may ask.  For the inquisitive ones, and without boring you with excessive technical mumbo jumbo, the BOB apparatus uses water pressure and displacement, keeping air in the bubble and the water out of it.  Imagine!  A private, oxygenated, atmosphere just for you!

This bubble is accompanied by an underwater scooter, allowing you an ease of movement through the water.  Although you are submerged, your breathing remains unhindered in the bubble of air.  You can keep contact lenses, or glasses on without worry of water disturbing them.  Majority of the time, your hair wont even get wet! No special tubing ends up in your nose or mouth.  Generally, one can master the operation of a BOB in a few minutes.

The BOB is powered by a thrust electric motor that can reach a top speed of 2.5 knots with an environment friendly gel-cell battery.  At Maunalua Bay, you can cruise amongst amazing sea creatures, such as the endangered green sea turtles, Humuhumunukunukuapua'a (the state fish for Hawaii, try saying that five times fast), coral, sea urchins, sea cucumbers, star fish, etc.. Occasionally, you may run into playful dolphins. It is a wonderful, and certainly memorable, experience that you should not pass up.

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