The 7 Best Places for Milkshakes in Hawaii!

There are so many ways to cool down on a hot Hawaiian day. But milkshakes may be one of our favorites. Whether you like them mixed with peanut butter, coconut, or just a traditional vanilla, the milkshake options are delectable in Hawaii. Here are the 7 best places to get them!

The Counter, Honolulu, HI

This national chain opened its first Hawaii location on the east side of Oahu. It has seen daily surges of hungry patrons. Dessert seekers are treated to their standard milkshakes or they can opt to create their own. With options such as bananas, chocolate sandwich cookies, and strawberries to choose from, there are endless combos to enjoy. If going for the gusto, you may as well add some whipped cream on top.

Dave’s Ice Cream, Multiple locations

Dave’s Ice Cream has been around for generations. They offer standard flavors of chocolate and vanilla but their best creations are local flavors, toasted macadamia and poha berry. You can choose to turn any of their flavors into a milkshake. Kulolo and Kona Coffee milkshake, anyone?

Island Cream, Lahaina, HI

A favorite of all visitors and locals, this shop in Lahaina makes cones by hand and other ice cream specialties. You can request a shake made with any of their island cream flavors. You can’t go wrong with a Snickers shake or maybe a banana chip shake. The possibilities are too delicious to try just one.

Village Burger, Waimea, HI

This is a great stop when visiting the ranching town of Waimea. Not only do they offer Big Island-raised beef but they offer a tasty dessert treat to cool you down. Here, the classic flavors win out—vanilla, chocolate or strawberry. Order some French fries to dip into your shake—that’s the only proper way to eat fries and an ice cream favorite, after all.

What’s Shakin, Pepeekeo, HI

North of Hilo, along the road to Akaka Falls and other scenic areas, you can find this shop serving up shakes and smoothies. The cheery little shop will offer you souvenirs and fresh fruits. But when visiting, you have to try the mocha banana shake—a fan favorite. It will give you the strength to continue along Hawaii Island’s beautiful coastline.

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Island Lava Java Kona, Kailua-Kona, HI

It is always a good idea to enjoy your milk shake while overlooking the ocean. At Island Lava Java, you can do just that. Go for the fan favorite, the island lava java shake. It is only proper to have a coffee-flavored shake while in the place made famous by Kona coffee!

Da Hawaiian Brain Freeze, Hilo, HI

This small shop attracts locals, beachgoers and event attendees galore. With a shop based around cold desserts, this is the place to get a shake. Whether you go with their famous ube-pia shake, which is a mix of yam and coconut flavors or any of the others on a long list, you will not be disappointed. This family shop reminds you to slow down and enjoy the day, just don’t let your shake melt away.

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