Coconut Festival - Kauai Veterans Parade

Coconut Festival - Kauai Veterans Parade

Saturday, Nov 3, 2018 from 12:00pm to 5:00pm

4-1604 Kuhio Highway

This year we’re doing something different:

Were not having a 2 day event this year because we have seen the devastation on the North Shore of Kauai and on the East Shore of the Big Island, and most funds are going there, so we’re going to have an ALL DAY–Triple event instead. Here’s what will be happening:

The Big Day is Saturday November 3rd, and the 1st event that day will be KBA’s supporting and hosting of the Kauai Veterans Parade, and it’s BACK IN KAPAA again. The second Event will be, for want of a better title, A CocoFest Lite, and the third event will be a bigger 1st Saturday Event both in the town center and for the first time ever, in the Kapaa Beach Park if need be, although at sunset the park gates will close and Security will be there till Monday Morning.

The CocoFest Lite will be starting as the Vets Parade finishes (around 11am) and will continue until 5pm. As usual you can  immerse yourself in all things coconut? There is something for everyone at any Coconut Festival, even a LITE version: entertainment, cultural displays and experiences, shopping, history, games, cooking demonstrations, contests and of course the FOOD.

A very special 1st Saturday Event which will overflow from the town center where it’s always hugely popular, into the Kapa`a Beach Park where, on the stage we were hoping to have the very 1st ‘Kauai’s Got Talent’ talent contest but the lead time is too short so we’ll shoot for it for next year. We will have some people who next year may well be contestants for the ‘Kauai’s Got Talent’ show.

We have returning to the Coconut Festival a future Star Jeremiah Garcia who stole the small stage at last years event.